Three hours of credit for just $375

Thanks to a partnership with the Midwest Teachers Institute, educators who enroll in selected webAcademy courses can earn three hours of nationally-accredited graduate credit for just $375. These are non-degree credits which are designed for professional certification renewals and salary step increases.

Where are my credits coming from?

MTI has an exclusive agreement with Calumet College of St. Joseph, Whiting, Indiana to provide each teacher with an official accredited transcript for completing graduate-level coursework. Calumet College is NCA ,NCATE and CAEP accredited making them accepted in all 50 states.

Course requirements

In order to earn three hours of credit, educators must complete one of the webAcademy "combo" courses listed below and then fulfill the requirements outlined in the corresponding syllabus from MTI.

Six Traits of Effective Writing - MTI 506 - Course syllabus

Cultivating Strong Informative & Argumentative Writers - MTI 507 - Course syllabus

14 Power Strategies to Boost Reading & Writing Achievement on Standardized Tests - MTI 514 - Course Syllabus

Writer's Workshop: Grades K-2 - MTI 510 - Course Syllabus

Writer's Workshop: Grades 3-12 - MTI 510 - Course Syllabus

Registration process

After webAcademy coursework has been completed, participants have two weeks to register for the MTI graduate program. The cost of graduate credit is separate from the cost of enrolling in a webAcademy course.

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If you have questions about pursuing graduate credit, please contact Brady Smekens, Director of Professional Development.


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